Spotify Premium Apk (Cracked Version) 2019 Free Download

Looking for Spotify Cracked Apk? If yes then keep reading it on as we will be discussing the same throughout the article.

Spotify is an online music and podcast streaming platform where the user can choose from an unlimited array of music. Here the user can listen to music and podcasts from different genres. The quality of the songs is better than the other apps.  It is the best app among music streaming applications. It allows the user to create a playlist according to their specific choices. A free version of the app is available on Play Store. However, the app is not available in every country in the world.

The free version contains many ads, which can be frustrating for the user. It also does not have many features too. It comes in different versions such as free, trial, premium and unlimited. The Spotify Premium Apk is free from ads and one can download as many songs they want. Using this service will also help the user to save space on their device. 

Why use Spotify Premium?

Spotify offers a wide range of music from different genres to listen to. The quality of the music is extremely good. It is the best among the music streaming apps present in the Google Play. It has a clean user interface, which allows the user to enjoy the music seamlessly. It is extremely easy to navigate the Spotify app. More features are added to the interface with each update. It allows them to create a playlist according to their choices. The songs can be shuffled or repeated several times. It doesn’t contain any ads, so the user can listen to music without any frustrating ads. The songs can be downloaded and shared easily. This allows the user to listen to the songs even if the device us offline. Another advantage is that it does not require a lot of memory to play and download the songs.

spotify premium apk


Features of Spotify Premium

Before I provide you the link to download Spotify Cracked Apk, you should know about the advantages of using this application. Anyways, let’s have a look at the amazing features of Spotify Premium Apk which are mentioned in this section. You may also like FMWhatsApp 

Video & Audio Ads Blocked

no ads


We all came across this problem right? While enjoying the songs, a video advertisement suddenly pops up. Irritating isn’t it? Moreover, this video has nothing to do with the song. Similarly, we have to listen to the audio advertisements. These ads ruin our mood and definitely ruins the user experience. Spotify is no exception to this, it also has a lot of advertisements. However, Spotify premium APK contains no such ads. So we get an advertisement free interface and an amazing user experience.

Unlimited Downloads

unlimited downloads


With the help of Spotify premium APK, one can download whichever song they would like to listen and download. This allows them to listen to those songs even if their device stays offline. This feature is not available in Spotify APK. So, you can use its cracked Apk to listen to music on the go and just relax.

Unlimited Storage

unlimited storage


In the past, one had to download our favorite songs to enjoy and listen to them. But, it consumed a lot of memory and space on the device. They had to delete some of the existing songs to download new songs. With the development of streaming services, now they can listen to music without worrying about their device space. Spotify Cracked Apk lets you save storage on your device.  It helps them to save storage on their computers and smartphones and offers a wide range of music collection to listen to. A good internet connection is needed to access the collection.

User-Friendly Interface

user friendly


Spotify’s user interface is designed to enhance the user experience of whoever using it. Spotify premium Apk has a clean user interface with many new and exciting shortcuts. It helps the user to get started with the app, right away. Additionally, you can change the settings accordingly. It will not feel like a mess to the user. You don’t have to tap on the uninstall button in case anything goes awry. More features are added regularly to deliver the best user experience to the Spotify users.

Download Spotify Premium Apk

You can use Google search to search for the definite link. The APK can be downloaded from the official website of Spotify. There are several websites with the links to download the APK. The link is given below:

   Download Spotify Premium Apk

How to Install the Spotify Cracked Apk?

After downloading the file, you have to install the APK in your device. These are the steps to install the APK:

For Android users

  1. “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources option”, must be enabled. In case it is not enabled, you can enable it by following steps:
  • First, go to the Settings
  • Tap on Additional Settings and then go to Privacy
  • Now click “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”.
  1. Download the Nova Launcher Apk file from above links and extract it. In case you already have the app, just install and reinstall the latest version from Play Store
  2. Locate the downloaded file and grant all the required permissions
  3. Lastly, tap Install to install the APK.

Final Words

Spotify is the best streaming device when it comes listening to music and podcasts. Enjoy an unlimited number of songs by using the mentioned Apk. Spotify Premium Apk helps the user to enjoy the experience. It is free from ads and it also helps to save storage space.  You must use Spotify Cracked Apk to listen to music endlessly.

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